Side Step

This week we've begun term 2 and I'm very excited for what I'm going to animate in this class. We're gonig to animate a side step and we'll do it in several phases. First we have to make the planning and the blocking of the shot. Here is my first approach:

Happy Walk

Here we had to push the walk to make a walk with personality. Here is the result:

Vanilla Walk

This time we began to study the standard walk called Vanilla Walk. Here is my version.

Oneleg & Tailor

Here is another assignment, with two new characters: Oneleg & Tailor. The goal was to have a better understanding of the last principles we studied: Timing, Squash & Stretch and Overlapping action.

The Pendulum

Here I made an animation of a pendulum. The goal was to learn the overlapping principle.

Bouncing Ball

This is my first Assigment in AM: the goal was to create a realistic Basketball bouncing and learn about timing and spacing.

The next one was to create a realistic Bowling Ball and a Ping Pong Ball Bouncing to learn about differents weights.

The next step was using an obstacle course to make a ball going through it to learn the forces and physics.